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Need to drop ship a package directly to your customer? You can count on Neuco to do it quickly and confidentially. By utilizing our computerized drop shipment system, any simple change in a ship-to starts a whole process in motion.

  1. The salesman enters the address differing from your own.
  2. The computer system automatically removes Neuco's name and address from the top section of the packing slip.
  3. The system automatically inserts your company's name and address onto the packing slip.
  4. If you would like to tag the package with your customer's purchase order number, it is automatically inserted into the PO# field on the packing slip.
  5. The order is picked and shipped just like any other order, without any pricing, only the part number and quantity are shown.
  6. The package is delivered to your customer without any knowledge that it came from Neuco.

Best of all, at no time will your customer's information be used for any other purposes, you have our word on it.