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###**SE8000 Room Controller** Application-specific room controllers offer the control of DDC systems with the user-friendliness of thermostats. Optimizing comfort through energy efficiency delivers a memorable customer experience while maximizing your return on investment. #####Features: - Elegant style combinations, designed to complement any decor - Touch screen interface, multi-language support, discreet occupancy sensor - Advanced control technology for powerful performance **[Click to view product details](**

###**MG350V GLOBE VALVE ACTUATORS** MG350V globe valve actuators are non-spring return electromechanical actuators for the control of two-way and three-way globe valves for fan coils, unit ventilators, reheat, cooling units, perimeter heating and other applications. #####Features: - Bi-color LED status indication for motion indication, auto-calibration and alarm notification - Precise control by scaling the input signal to match the exact travel of the valve stem - Proportional models with and without a position output signal **[Click to view product details](**

###**PRESSURE INDEPENDENT BALANCING & CONTROL VALVE ASSEMBLIES** The SmartX PIBCV range is a comprehensive selection of automatic balancing and control valves that provide flow limitation, with full control authority over hydronic regulation. #####Features: - Reduced Energy Consumption - Improved Comfort - Reduced Pumping Costs - Reduced Installation Costs **[Download Selection Guide](**

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